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Epic Trailer Music

We were asked for an epic tone…and we felt inspired writing and recording the epic trailer piece. Thanks to my brilliant team players Coleen McMahon and Marc Dold!


I had a basic song idea…..Coleen McMahon and I had coffee under the trees of Griffith Park and wrote lyrics….we went wild with backup vocals….and Marc Dold put a special twist on the drums. Hope you enjoy!

Invisible Edge

It poured down rain like crazy yesterday. We need it, it’s been a dry and hot summer. Somehow made me think of throwing this spaced out cue out there…


Lyrics: Some things worth while Are going to be difficult Little things take little effort Big things take big effort And this is huge We’re abiding our time Besides, the sail can stand the weather Disentangle dispositions Of broker pain revealing freedom Swallow the mood When the fog comes in[…]